Welcum to the Eekipedia Wikia Edit

The first thing is about. How did u get here?!

The Life of Eek

So, i started to give it a change to this site, as one of the owners (me, me and me), i will try my best to keep this place updated with content. (I hope so.)

So theres not a lot of activity, but hey, you like jazz? i like jazz.... maybe we should go around sometime.(dead meme)

APRIL UPDATE: Nothing happened


EEK STUFF 2019Edit


Fellas, did was a long road, but with the debuff of eek (now 4 eeks), Eek reached the happy ending of its life, reaching a point where it gives a chance of other characters to shine, making this place more quiet than ever

but never forget, Eek is love, Eek is life.

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